Saturday, July 20, 2013

My little balcony garden

I´m very lucky that I live in apt with a good balcony that faces south. It´s a good place to grow plants and herbs.
This summer my mother gave me some plants, vegetables and herbs to put on my balcony. Unfortunately some have died like my spring onions but I bought some spring onions, cut of their roots and put in soil and they have started growing. I also got a pot of marygold wich is very pretty, koriander (silantro), parsley and basil.
I´ve also started growing cress, wich is very easy to do.
I was trying to grow some chives but I think my seeds are to old so nothing has come up.

                                                        Beautiful marigold from my mother
                                              My little sitting area, it´s very colorful
                                                        Spring onions
                                              My cress wich I use as a herb or sometimes when I don´t have any salad at home
                                             And at last my basil.  I´ve had used it mostly for bruschetta.

My weekend plans: To bake some snickerdoodles, crocheting a Twyla cardigan pattern here and watching Don´t trust the bitch in appartment 23 (wich are hilarious)

What are you doing this weekend?