Saturday, June 23, 2018

Karamell sweater

So I´ve wanted to crochet a sweater for a while now and I was very happy to find a pattern that is crochet in a round with raglan increases because I really don´t like having many crochet parts I have to sew together.

The pattern is very simple and well written and I´ve already started crocheting another sweater for my friend´s son. I like the pattern that much.

Here is the pattern

I used Drops saffran wich is a cotton yarn and a 4mm hook/3 mm hook for the cuff.

I did change the cuff from single crochet to a front post/back post ribbing (wich I´m in love with at the moment)

I am really happy with the outcome. I used a bigger hook for the body and sleeves and I like how it comes out like mesh.
The sweater sits well and I love the blush pink color