Saturday, July 26, 2014

Reading, listening watching

I just finished reading memories of my melancholy whores by Gabriel Garcia Marquez wich was very good and I have started reading the golden compass by Philip Pullman and though I´m only o

I´ve been listening to game of thrones and clash of kings on audiobook.  I really like the tv series and I should have read the books before watching the series. 

At the moment I´m watching Ghost in the shell for the second time and I really like this stuff.  A while ago I finished watching Kung fu the tv series with David Carradine and made me want some more kung fu, maybe some Bruce Lee or those old revenging a father themed kung fu movies.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Japanese cotton cheese cake

For easter dinner with my family I made a japanese cotton cheesecake from a recipe I found on the net


So I made it and it was reallly good, soft and moist. The only fault I could find in the recipe was too little flavor of vanilla, so if you make it I advise you to use more vanilla.
I was very glad that it turned out to be good because I hate regular cheesecake.


Here are some photos of my Japanese cotton cheesecake.


Thursday, July 3, 2014


In june I spent a day making kimchi. I had never tasted kimchi before but when one of my acquaintances posted some photos of her kimchi making on facebook I really wanted to try it. Here is the recipe


And here are some photos from my endeavour.