Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Getting back into riding my bike

So I moved sunday and started riding my bike again and I´m really out of shape. I haven´t ridden my bike very much when I lived in the other town so I need to work up some stamina.

I also have to admit to myself that this town is just as windy as the other one if not windier, the only diffirence is that now I don´t have to deal both with wind and crazy hills.

Unrelated to the biking, the move went well. My parents and nephew helped me move and we made it in one trip with two cars and a small trailer, being a minimalist sure does make things simpler.  

I´ve already been to the social activity for the disabled yesterday but I did miss the library knitting group monday (time mixup, my mistake) and I am already liking it here.

Sunday, May 26, 2019


Well so I´m moving to another town in about a week.
I fortunately saw an ad for the appartment and jumped on it and I was lucky, I got it.

It´s a very good thing about minimalism is much simpler to move.
I´m almost packed everything and I want to have to have the last week here easy going so I´m going to try finish cleaning the apt. tomorrow.

I´ve lived before in my new town and I liked it very much. It´s called Akranes and it´s so flat my friend calls it little Denmark.
So it won´t be as hard to ride my bicycle as in the town I live now, called Borgarnes. It extremely hilly.

I will miss the people I got to know in my little town, I knew only one person when I moved here so I started to volunteer at the Red cross both because I always wanted to do so and to get to know more people here. I also started going to the weekly craftnight at my town´s yarn store and got to know some more people. Last fall I started going to a social activity for the disabled and elderly where people can craft or play cards (mostly whist).
I do look forward to the social activity for the disabled, montly craftnights at the local yarnstore (I wish they were weekly) and Red cross volunteering in my new town.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Spring, finally

Well I hope it lasts and we wont get anymore snow but my expectations aren´t too high.
I´m just happy we have birds singing and the trees should start to bloom soon.

The picture is of a mt. Hafnarfjall wich I can see in it´s full glory from my sofa.

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Year of socks

I have been busy knitting and crocheting socks.
I do wear wool socks a lot around the house, it´s cold most part of the year.

The first pair made after pattern called my favorite vanilla socks by Meaghan Schmaltz
I made them with drops fabel and 3 mm needles.
After that I decided to never knit with such small needles again, they were hell on my hands.
It did take me months to finish them but I did and I was very happy with them.
This was the second pair of socks I´ve knit and the first one I was happy with.

The second pair of socs was so vanilla socks by Mary Lucas. This time I made them with 4mm needles and it was much better but honestly I was really tired of knitting overall and did decide to stop it
It was really hurting my wrists and I wasn´t enjoying it.
So I chose to crochet mostly and I also want to learn to needlebind (I have been very interested in medieval crafts lately)
I used yarn called hot socks by Grundl in a very nice pastel colorway and they knit up lot faster then the first pair. They came out very well and I´m wearing them as I write this.

The third pair of socks was crocheted socks. Pattern was fathers day crochet socks by Karen Wooley (fitting name for someone who works with wool)
I did change the pattern a little bit from extended single crochet to single crochet and they worked up very fast.
I used couple of yarns I had in my stash, pairfect (Arne and Carlos) is the main color, dark blue drops fabel for the heel and varigated blue drops fabel.
I had crocheted a pair of socks before but I used a too course hook so they were uncomfortable to walk on(they cut into to the soles on my feet)
This pair was very comfortable and warm.

So I think I did pretty well.
I hope the next pair of socks I make will be a needle binded one it´s always difficult to learn something new. So I see a lot of irritation and hair pulling in my future.

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Creampuff day

Creampuff day is every monday before lent. We eat pastry with jam, cream and frosting on top. It is one of my favorite days of the year and fits well in the bleakness of winter and tells us winter is going to let go soon.

Today is fat tuesday wich we call exploding day were people eat a lot of salted mutton although people here don´t take part in lent anymore.

On ash wednesday children get the day off put on costumes and sing for candy in shops and companies all over town.

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Keeping a minimalist pantrty

So about two years ago I started my minimalist journey, I got rid of more then half of my possessions (much of them had been in my basement for years)
Minimalism has made my life much easier, it is quite a handy tool to get rid of distractions and to take a more realistic look at one self.
It is a long term thing minimalism and I am still figuring things out, for example my newest purging has been in my kitchen cupboards. I have stopped shopping for things I think I should be eating just because it´s healthy and would be good for me. 
I hate quinoa and I have been buying it because I think I should and it has stayed in my cupboard untouched. This has also sparked questions in me about superfoods and not falling for advertising. So I having whittled down my cupboards quite a bit. I don´t need to have many types of pasta or rice, one or two will do fine.
Looking through my cupboard is much easier and now I just need to buy some baskets to organize them wich is much better doing after getting rid of stuff then before

I would like to write more about minimalism in the future it´s such a interesting topic

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Summer faorites

Summer favorites

We had a rather disappointing summer weatherwise but hey I live in Iceland and wasn´t really expecting anything but there have been a few glimpses of sunlight that have been great.
Now my favorite season is on it´s way and I look forward to candles, hot beverages, wool socks and warm blankets and just living the most cozy life possible.

But for this season that is ending I have some favorites in books, film, tv and more.


Elinor Olyphant is comepletely fine by Gail Honeyman.

This one really surprised me. A book about lonelyness, kindness and human bonding and it filled me with hope in humanity while also being about cruelty and violence. It leaves a lot behind and I really loved it and can´t wait to read it again.
Shipping news by Annie Proulx. For the longest time I have been on my way to read this book and finally did. I like reading about little communities and the one in this book was very interesting. The main caracter Quoyle had my simpathy from the beginning but I never felt like it was forced on me, I just find him very amicable.


Miss Fisher´s murder mysteries.
I have watched this so often I lost count. I love it that much and I watched again this summer. The show is about the fearless and fabulous Phryne Fisher who doesn´t know what to do with herself so she becomes a private detective wich isn´t so easy in the 1920´s. I find the story interesting and the caracters fun to watch, I find the female caracters to be very strong each in their way. Australians sure know how to make good tv and look foreward to seeing the movie (I hope it comes on Netflix)

So for a while now I´ve had this problem with tv shows that are overly dramatic and conflicted (I think I might be one of this highly sensitive people)
So first when I started watching Outlander I stopped because I thought it might be to scary but the girls in my vkn told me not to worry. It takes a little time to get into but I quite liked it. I also like it is loyal to history and learning more about Scotland is fun.
I took a little break but mostly I have a bad case of Neflixitis and like to switch between shows.
So really I´m currently watching Outlander, mind of a chef, Star Trek the next generation, Gilmore girls and Brooklyn 9-9 and now I feel like a millennial, I´m 43.


Drops Flora. I really like this yarn it´s a blend of wool and alpakka and so soft.
I did frog a half knitted sweater the other day and it has one good thing about it, I actually look forward to using the yarn again, I even found quite beautiful pattern so my fingers are itching.

Inside nr. 23
I´m so glad this podcast returned after a long break recently.
The podcaster Kate is british knitter and I really love her podcast. Thought I am mostly a crocheter I enjoy watching a few knitting podcasts, hers is so interesting in many ways so she has my attention the whole time ( no zoning out)

Marie Sioux. I actually heard her song Wizard flurry home as a intro song on the Gentle knitters podcast and really fell for it. At the moment I am very much into folk music (including nordic folk), it´s very soothing and satisfying. I do love her lyrics and singing style.

So I decided to get a undercut about a month ago. I have very thick hair and it´s dreadful in summer (yes even Icelandic summer), it gets so heavy I can´t have it long and I´m totally unable to use regular hair accessories like a hair clamp. So my friend has clippers and she wanted to learn how to use them for her son. She did pretty good for a first time and I feel so relieved and light. It can look totally normal when it´s down, it still has some heft to it and if I´m very hot I can put it in a ponytail.
I even want to try put curls in my hair sometimes (I really want to get into 1930´s style, I just don´t have anything that has the look from the period yet and I find most vintage clothes way to expensive. So it´s something I´m working on, I have some crochet patterns lined up.
So learning to do my hair in the meantime would be nice.

So that´s it for now.