Friday, January 9, 2015


Today I´m going to share with you a recipe of Tiramisu.  I got this recipe from my friend Daniella who is from the Pulgia area in Italy.

Before I tried hers I didn´t like Tiramisu very much I thought it was too watery and bland but I really love this recipe



4 tbs flour or fine spelt
4 egg yolks
4 tbs sugar
Milk as needed
200 grams mascarpone
A stick of vanilla split down the middle or a peel of lemon

Pastry cream
The pastry cream is made simular to a roux.  Over a low heat wisk sugar and eggyolks together until creamy and smooth then add the flour and 1/4 th liter of milk and keep wisking.  Now split a vanilla stick down the middle and put in the pot or lemon peel.  Now for the next 30 minutes keep wisking and adding more milk when the pastry cream gets dense.  Don´t leave the stove for a minute.   I use about of liter of milk depending on how large the tiramisu will be.  Remove the vanilla or lemon peel.  When the cream is ready cool it down to room temp. or as I often do fill a zink of cold water and put the pot in it and stir til it´s cold.
Add the mascarpone to the cream and it´s ready for use.

Next make some coffie for me the stronger the better and let it cool down you can put some amaretto in it if you want.

Now you start layering the tiramisu in a casserole disk.  Start putting some of the cream in the bottom then dip ladyfingers in coffie (not too long) and layer them in the casserole, cover with the cream.  Continue doing this and end with a layer of pastry cream.  I usually siev some cacao over it or grate semisweet chocolate over it.

                                                                     Getting started
                                                             Making the pastry cream

                                                     First layer of pastry cream
                                                        Ladyfingers dipped in coffie

Unfortunatly I forgot to take pictures of the finished tiramisu wich I served at my family´s christmas potluck.