Sunday, May 26, 2019


Well so I´m moving to another town in about a week.
I fortunately saw an ad for the appartment and jumped on it and I was lucky, I got it.

It´s a very good thing about minimalism is much simpler to move.
I´m almost packed everything and I want to have to have the last week here easy going so I´m going to try finish cleaning the apt. tomorrow.

I´ve lived before in my new town and I liked it very much. It´s called Akranes and it´s so flat my friend calls it little Denmark.
So it won´t be as hard to ride my bicycle as in the town I live now, called Borgarnes. It extremely hilly.

I will miss the people I got to know in my little town, I knew only one person when I moved here so I started to volunteer at the Red cross both because I always wanted to do so and to get to know more people here. I also started going to the weekly craftnight at my town´s yarn store and got to know some more people. Last fall I started going to a social activity for the disabled and elderly where people can craft or play cards (mostly whist).
I do look forward to the social activity for the disabled, montly craftnights at the local yarnstore (I wish they were weekly) and Red cross volunteering in my new town.