Sunday, April 19, 2015

Reading, listening watching

Reading:  I have been reading a graphic novel series called Preacher by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon, I am now on book three Proud Americans.  That I have read is really good and interesting.

Listening:  i have been listening to a podcast called Answer me this with Helen and Ollie, it's very british and very funny.  The podcast is built arround questiions that people send to the show and the hosts answering them,  that show is always fun.
I've also been listening to some folksy stuff like the Decemberists and Tilly and the wall.

Watching:  I binge watched Breaking bad and honestly I'm still catching my breath.  That show was really dark.  I really like that comic relief Saul Goodman who brightened everything up just a little bit and have been thinking about watching the breaking bad spinoff Better call Saul.  

In other news I have been trying to crochet a chevron lace cardigan but it isn't going well for me I think I have to use thicker yarn,  So I'll try that later but instead I'm crocheting a Twyla cardigan.

That's it for now

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