Sunday, September 23, 2018

Keeping a minimalist pantrty

So about two years ago I started my minimalist journey, I got rid of more then half of my possessions (much of them had been in my basement for years)
Minimalism has made my life much easier, it is quite a handy tool to get rid of distractions and to take a more realistic look at one self.
It is a long term thing minimalism and I am still figuring things out, for example my newest purging has been in my kitchen cupboards. I have stopped shopping for things I think I should be eating just because it´s healthy and would be good for me. 
I hate quinoa and I have been buying it because I think I should and it has stayed in my cupboard untouched. This has also sparked questions in me about superfoods and not falling for advertising. So I having whittled down my cupboards quite a bit. I don´t need to have many types of pasta or rice, one or two will do fine.
Looking through my cupboard is much easier and now I just need to buy some baskets to organize them wich is much better doing after getting rid of stuff then before

I would like to write more about minimalism in the future it´s such a interesting topic

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