Saturday, March 30, 2019

Year of socks

I have been busy knitting and crocheting socks.
I do wear wool socks a lot around the house, it´s cold most part of the year.

The first pair made after pattern called my favorite vanilla socks by Meaghan Schmaltz
I made them with drops fabel and 3 mm needles.
After that I decided to never knit with such small needles again, they were hell on my hands.
It did take me months to finish them but I did and I was very happy with them.
This was the second pair of socks I´ve knit and the first one I was happy with.

The second pair of socs was so vanilla socks by Mary Lucas. This time I made them with 4mm needles and it was much better but honestly I was really tired of knitting overall and did decide to stop it
It was really hurting my wrists and I wasn´t enjoying it.
So I chose to crochet mostly and I also want to learn to needlebind (I have been very interested in medieval crafts lately)
I used yarn called hot socks by Grundl in a very nice pastel colorway and they knit up lot faster then the first pair. They came out very well and I´m wearing them as I write this.

The third pair of socks was crocheted socks. Pattern was fathers day crochet socks by Karen Wooley (fitting name for someone who works with wool)
I did change the pattern a little bit from extended single crochet to single crochet and they worked up very fast.
I used couple of yarns I had in my stash, pairfect (Arne and Carlos) is the main color, dark blue drops fabel for the heel and varigated blue drops fabel.
I had crocheted a pair of socks before but I used a too course hook so they were uncomfortable to walk on(they cut into to the soles on my feet)
This pair was very comfortable and warm.

So I think I did pretty well.
I hope the next pair of socks I make will be a needle binded one it´s always difficult to learn something new. So I see a lot of irritation and hair pulling in my future.

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